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Pedagogy Before Technology – Sometimes?

Excellent article by George Couros.  I often use the phrase “Pedagogy Before Technology” and am mindful of the ways technology can get in between the learner and what is being taught.  This example is terrific though.  Sometimes technology appears that gives us new ideas about pedagogical methodologies.  Virtual reality is certainly one of those – […]

Why e-learning is better than face-to-face learning (is it?)

E- This article caught my eye in my Feedly reader today.  While the author aptly describes bad e-learning, there is also bad classroom learning – and vice-versa.  Is one better than the other?  I live technology, e-learning, and online learning but I will still say that you can’t compare the two.  The only comparison?  They […]

Instructional Design Must Focus on Learning Outcomes, Not Learning Activities 

<<It’s no secret that kids learn better when teachers provide learning activities that keep them engaged. Teachers work tirelessly to plan engaging lessons that capture and keep the interests of their students, thereby making content more accessible. >> While this is definitely true in K12 learning, which is the focus of the article, it is […]

Active Learning: In Need of Deeper Exploration 

“A cursory review of what’s considered to be active learning, makes one feature clear: it engages students individually and collectively to different degrees.” Active learning definitely engages learners.  I agree with the article, more exploration is needed.  It can be active but how do we make it stick?  There’s no question that an experience (“active”) […]