Here’s What Will Truly Change Higher Education: Online Degrees That Are Seen as Official

Digital credentials, such as badges or other open credentialing, are discussed in this NYT article which frames the traditional diploma as opaque.  What does it mean?  The work done for the degree is not apparent, the quality or what differentiates a job applicant from many others. “Diplomas and transcripts provide few means of distinguishing the […]

Workplace Performance: Embedding Learning in Work: The Benefits and Challenges

           Organizations with strong informal learning capabilities (Bersin) are 300% more likely to excel at global talent development than organizations without those competencies.  It’s no wonder.  We learn best in context, and using ADDIE or a formal learning course usually does not embed learning in work.   Having short learnings available […]

Digital Tools Can’t Magically Create Connections

  There are a number of digital tools used to make social connections, all with different purposes.  danah boyd’s recent book, “It’s Complicated, The Social Lives of Networked Teens” shares her as-always profound understanding of how networked spaces work.  In this article from DML Central, Nicole Mirra shares a review of one of danah and Harold […]

Academic Branding – Your Online Presence, By Design

Establishing an online presence as an academician increases dissemination of research and improves impact.  It also allows for discovery of others with similar interests, potential collaborations, and richer knowledge construction.  This is how PLNs are born and expanded.  The presentation below by Sidneyeve Matrix is full of excellent suggestions.   How to Use Social Media […]

What Technology Does What: An #edtech Chart For Teachers (and everyone else)

This thoughtful compilation of digital tools is directed at teachers, but is equally helpful to everyone in education or the workplace.  Applications are separated by functionality, so they can be referred to based on what the user is trying to accomplish.  There’s a link on the page to a living document where readers can contribute […]

Unizin – Higher Ed’s Own Path to Scale

Unizin is a pro-active, offensive approach to pressure mounting inside higher education institutions.  It puts Universities in control, and lets them achieve economies of scale by joining together and sharing resources, costs of licenses, assets, services for infrastructure, and leveraging contracts through bargaining power with publishers and other content providers.  The founder of the group […]

From Badges to Breakthroughs: Unleashing Learner Potential through Competency-Based Achievements

Focused on personalized learner outcomes, a new program at Northern Arizona University utilizes OER as well as customized content for a program that enables participants to earn a degree in a model that is both high quality and efficient.  Students can test out of parts, or sometimes all, of each class.  The classes offer content […]