Turning a MOOC Into a Network of Schools Collaborating

Confusing MOOCs with online classes is common in the media.  But at what point do we consider an online class population “massive?”  This article about a combined online class – a collaboration between University of Texas and University of Utah students – is a success by common metrics of participation and retention.  I am not […]

The HASTAC Guide to the Future of Higher Education: Collected Readings Contributed by our Network Members

For anyone who isn’t participating in #FutureEd – it’s not too late.  This is a summary of what has happened so far, and only a week has gone by so you can still join.  This is a don’t miss event for 2014.  “To supplement the History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Education MOOC and as part of […]

MOOCs, specializations, and continuing education

  There were two interesting announcements this week about “specializations.”  Most people know Coursera, but Academic Partnerships is the biggest company in the space and few people have heard of it.  They do a nice job of partnering with schools (and being advocates) without using their names as examples.  I don’t know the numbers, but […]

10 Things I’ve Learned (So Far) from Making a Meta-MOOC

From Cathy Davidson’s article posted on Hybrid Pedagogy about her upcoming (and I believe Higher Ed event of the year,) “History and Future of Higher Education.”  Note the graphic to see the scope of the initiative. “On January 27th, Cathy N. Davidson launches “The History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Education,” a MOOC connected to dozens […]