Blockchain: Letting students own their credentials 

When we think of blockchain, we usually think of cryptocurrency – or bitcoin.  In fact blockchain is a distributed database, a list of records tracked in order and time stamped called blocks.  Each block links to the previous block.  A peer to peer network with accurate time stamps lets the database manage itself autonomously.   Blockchain networks are very secure by design, and any kind of record can be safely stored in the distributed network.

Bitcoin is not the only place where this is of use, albeit it has the highest profile.  It can be used for medical records or anything else that would benefit from “bits” of a record being distributed for accurate and secure preservation of information.

What does this mean for education?  It can potentially mean a learner profile, digital badging, and a lifelong source of accurate information.  A distributed learner portfolio.   The article below describes how this might look – the many inputs that might go in one cloud based learner portfolio or profile which give us a holistic look at what a learner knows.

This is worthwhile, and definitely worth watching.  The disruption and evolution of credentialing may be here.   Keep an eye on it!


Source: Blockchain: Letting students own their credentials [Schaffhauser]