Distance Learning and How It Helps You Achieve More

While this article is from the Haitian News, it is a view of how just one country is able to benefit by investment in distance learning.  In the US, we have so many Universities, but how many people can physically access them?  Outside of urban areas or suburbs with Universities, so much more is now possible.  Outside of the US, it is even more the case.  Regardless of how we put down our higher education system because of its problems – and of course they exist – a US Education is still the dream for so many people around the world.  Access to that education online is the fundamental reason we need to take advantage of it.  Education is part of the fabric that defines us in this country.  Here’s hoping we can make it more affordable so that not only others in this country, but people around the world can take advantage of what our “broken” education system affords.  Aspects of the system may be broken, but learning and research that is generated?  Priceless.



“We’re seeing a positive trend of Haitians pursuing better careers and higher educations in recent years. The economy is supporting this new trend.”

Source: Distance Learning and How It Helps You Achieve More | The Haitian Times

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