Why e-learning is better than face-to-face learning (is it?)


This article caught my eye in my Feedly reader today.  While the author aptly describes bad e-learning, there is also bad classroom learning – and vice-versa.  Is one better than the other?  I live technology, e-learning, and online learning but I will still say that you can’t compare the two.  The only comparison?  They are both learning.  Better?  Worse?  Because of modality?  Delivery method, in my opinion, does not make learning better or worse.  This is complex and contextual concept…..but the article did catch my eye and I do agree that powerpoint slides posted on a site are not a good thing in most cases.  A good article to read regardless.  But add context, content, learner, facilitator/instructor/motivation….the list goes on.


<<learning extends beyond borders with more advantages than traditional learning, argues Ralph LaFontaine.>>

Source: Why e-learning is better than face-to-face learning

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