Could Slack Be the Next Online Learning Platform?

This article from EdSurge is about Slack for Learning.

While I personally like Slack very much, there is a pushback movement about its always on nature.  Yes, you could argue we are always on anyway.  But there is something about Slack that is even more “on” than we are accustomed to.  Waiting to respond to a text is ok with society.  Not responding to a Slack @ – not sure that is as accepted.  I do love Slack for its small community nature and overall functionality, and yes I find myself using it as an alternative to Twitter with some of the people in my Personal or Localized learning networks.    But we will see if this continues.  It depends how comfortable people are with the app.  As simple as it is, it still doesn’t have the simplicity of Google Groups – which I’ve seen used instead of Slack more and more often lately.

Source: Could Slack Be the Next Online Learning Platform? | EdSurge News

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