Shifting Toward An Architecture of Participation


Learning is becoming more entrepreneurial than didactic.  It is more learner-centered than teacher-controlled.  We might use the phrase autodidactic for the self-directed learner, but the way Steven Wheeler refers to it as entrepreneurial struck me as more accurate.  TeachThought highlighted one of his recent presentations, which clarified the differences between knowledge, wisdom, and critical awareness.   They are good, and accurate.  He believes that one side-effect of this evolution is a lack of consensus on what “learning” is – just as I believe there is lack of consensus about education.  What is an educated person?


“Architecture of Participation: 7 Characteristics of Future Learning

Even more interesting is the “architecture of participation,” supercharged by social media and characterized by:

1. Collaborating

2. Tagging

3. Voting

4. Networking

5. User-Generated Content

6. Tools

7. Sharing”

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