Silicon Valley’s Dilemma Over Credentials

The education startup community has been focused on making the acquisition of credentials more open and democratic.  The disrupters – Coursera, Udacity, and others offer alternative credentialing models – which operate on the premise that the same knowledge obtained from courses in a University can be replaced by their own credential.  Perhaps we need more of a paradigm shift, where the focus is on creating good jobs.  Interesting thoughts from TechCrunch.  “With such a labor environment, credentials are becoming even more crucial in differentiating talent, the exact opposite goal we are striving towards today. While it is hardly desirable to reverse our efforts around productivity, if we hope to change the way credentials are used in our economy, Silicon Valley should emphasize more of its resources around rebalancing the labor market rather than merely changing the pieces of paper used.”

via Silicon Valley’s Dilemma Over Credentials | TechCrunch.

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