Reimagining higher education

The bits and pieces of this, a view of what higher education might look like for the next generation, all exist now.  What doesn’t exist is acceptance of this “just right” education by employers as the substitute for a degree.  While this seems ideal, it can only be imagined for the highly motivated, self-directed learner.  It does seem just right, but this compilation of everything our evolving education system has to offer right now is probably not all there will be in the coming years.  Article is from Deloitte University Press.  “Fracture lines can be seen everywhere in America’s higher education system, from skyrocketing tuition costs and mounting student debt to a significant mismatch between the skills employers seek and those students possess upon graduation see figure 1.5 These pressures, coupled with the recognition that the status quo is unsustainable, are, in turn, fueling innovation across the higher education ecosystem. While it’s still early days, we’re beginning to see the emerging outlines of a new landscape for higher education.”

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