Calculating the Child Through Technologies of the ‘Quantified Self’

The quantified self is still most often associated with health and fitness.  Perhaps we should expand the concept beyond health and wellness to incorporate learning.  If we are tracking ourselves (or our children) then can we also track experiences?  Can there be competency demonstrations, or attempts at competency through experiences, that can be incorporated into a student’s learning?  Feedback delivered, shaping of academic programs, enrollment, retention, and persistence data?  Kelvin Bentley made a compelling presentation at WCET this year, re-imagining the uses of the data we are collecting via “quantified self” devices by focusing on learner experience.  In this article, DML Central/HASTAC discusses the functions we already track.  But what is the next step?  “The concept of the ‘quantified self’ has become the focus of global interest. Less acknowledged is the emergence of a range of technological devices and apps designed specifically for children to track, monitor and analyze data about their health, bodies and well-being. What are the issues raised by these technologies of the quantified self for kids?”

via Calculating the Child Through Technologies of the ‘Quantified Self’ | DMLcentral.