Educating Executives for Disruption

The potential of educational technology runs deep, and horizontally.  Yes, it is about higher education and its evolution.  Yes, it is about reimagining K12 education and with new modalities, tools, and most importantly pedagogies.  But it is also about educating leaders in the corporate world.  This article discusses the potential for technology to delivery highly personalized continuous education to individual leaders.  This is an area where we will see growth, as the World Economic Forum partners with edX to launch its first course.  “Online platforms for education have the potential to revolutionize the idea of continuous learning for executives. The MOOC model is ripe for adaptation to deliver structured courses to business leaders, helping them to think about potentially transformational combinations of ideas at the periphery of their industries.  From GE’s blog.

via Educating Executives for Disruption – Ideas Lab.