Beyond Silicon Valley’s Age Problem: Investing in America’s Workforce

We want to teach everyone to code, and we want young people to be ready for jobs of the future.  But Joseph Coughlin raises the question, shouldn’t we also be thinking about the jobs we have now that need to be filled?  There are plenty.  Our workforce is aging and retiring.  Specialized skills for their jobs are still needed.  His article on The Big Think raises good questions.

“It is not that people of different backgrounds cannot empathize with the needs of others, we just have to ensure that those needs are on their agenda. Despite what is done or not done in Silicon Valley, that energized region of California isn’t the only source of technological progress in the United States or the world. And, it turns out, other tech industries have an age-related problem in their workforces as well. It just happens to be the opposite problem. In many tech-heavy sectors, workers in their fifties and sixties are retiring and taking their hard-to-replace skills with them.”

via Beyond Silicon Valley’s Age Problem: Investing in America’s Workforce | Disruptive Demographics | Big Think.