Colleges Should Use Hackathons To Promote Workplace Readiness

The anatomy and advantages of Hackathons, from a blog post by Skilled Up – they are a fantastic experience for anyone who hasn’t attended one.  Though there is an immediate association between hackathons and programming or UX design, the article also correctly points out that they are not for programmers only.   “Hack” is being used in a broader sense.  Finding an easier way, “hacking” a process for greater efficiency – these are all hacks.  Hackathons need idea people, project people, and all types to carry a project through to success. Hackathons are, in fact, the ultimate immersive learning experience.

“In the face of rising costs, workplace readiness and professional competency have taken center stage as measures of a successful college career, and the hackathon model may provide an opportunity to promote them. The essential elements of a hackathon fit together to create an immersive experience for participants. Within the limits of an identified overall purpose, there are periods for project pitches, team formation, project development and presentation.”

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