Feeding Our Students’ Reading Interests with RSS

RSS certainly might serve to fuel the interests of students because of the short form reading they are accustomed to.  But RSS is necessary if we want to see everything in one place in our topic of interest, and it’s interesting to think that this generation could be razor focused on topics of interest because they won’t be thumbing through newspapers.  What happens to serendipity?  Interesting thought.  That being said, this article is being posted from Edutopia, which I have in my Feedly reader.  “As devices proliferate, the amount of information we encounter each day grows. Despite their access to more substantive reading material, however, our students are most often consuming what journalist Clive Thompson calls “short form” writing — status updates, tweets, text messages — without digging into other texts.”

via Feeding Our Students’ Reading Interests with RSS | Edutopia.