The Future of Online Learning: The Age of Mobile-First Education

MOOCs were the buzzword last year, but now some of us are wondering if they didn’t take us off course.  Instructional innovation and social learning was moving so fast, and then we got hit with MOOCs.  Off the rails we went, because the silver bullet was here.  We’ve now realized, as we always ultimately do, that there is no silver bullet that will instantly transform instructional design and delivery.  We can now turn our attention back to what was working, and this article from Getting Smart discusses the latest Pew Study about Teens and Technology, and how it pertains to curriculum innovation.  “We now know MOOCs won’t solve every problem. Completion rates are low, participants often already have a degree and global access is hampered by hardware shortcomings. But could the difficulties with online learning be partly due to how we have delivered courses? A growing number of data might indicate just that.

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