Evidencing Employability Skills with Open Badges

“Some employers were also concerned about the open nature of the infrastructure, with one employer saying it scared him. Another commented he would want to see people licensed to issue badges. The underlying concern here was that employers don’t have time to deal with a hit and miss scenario with badges. Currently when they see that someone has a degree or certificate from a known educational provider, they trust the value of this because they have an implicit understanding of the quality assurance processes and verification procedures the awards from these institutions have gone through. They will also value certificates from some institutions or training providers more than others, again based on their own trust networks, which will have been built up from their own experiences, the views of their network, the sector and generally accepted social views of top educational providers.”

This discussion about open badges is necessary before we can proclaim their success.  If not from a known and trusted provider, how can they be valuable and trusted by an employer?

via Evidencing Employability Skills with Open Badges | Jisc RSC Scotland e-Assessment.