10 Things I’ve Learned (So Far) from Making a Meta-MOOC

From Cathy Davidson’s article posted on Hybrid Pedagogy about her upcoming (and I believe Higher Ed event of the year,) “History and Future of Higher Education.”  Note the graphic to see the scope of the initiative.

“On January 27th, Cathy N. Davidson launches “The History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Education,” a MOOC connected to dozens of other courses and events distributed across the web. Over six weeks, Hybrid Pedagogy will host a discussion group, codenamed MOOC MOOC Dark Underbelly, a rowdy exploration of topics unearthed by the course and its offspring, a place to examine the deeper (and sometimes darker) issues implicated in these discussions. Our node will include related articles, curated content from participants, weekly #moocmooc chats, and more. Watch @hybridped and @moocmooc for details. In this article, Cathy offers 10 things she’s learned from making her meta-MOOC.”

via 10 Things I’ve Learned (So Far) from Making a Meta-MOOC.