Explosion of Wireless Devices Strains Campus Networks

In a survey conducted this year by the education-technology organization Educause, 76 percent of undergraduates reported owning a smartphone, an increase of 14 percentage points compared with the previous year. Fifty-eight percent said they owned at least three Internet-capable devices. Faculty and staff members are, like Mr. Maas, toting their own share of hardware.

\”What has really happened over the last couple of years is the proliferation of a given student or a given staff member coming to campus not just with one device but with multiple,\” says Brian D. Voss, chief information officer at the University of Maryland at College Park. \”You will see now a student with a laptop and a smartphone, or a tablet and a smartphone, or sometimes all three.\”

via Explosion of Wireless Devices Strains Campus Networks – Technology – The Chronicle of Higher Education.