The Future Is Now: 15 Innovations to Watch For in Higher Ed



The Chronicle of Higher Ed commentary by Steven Mintz addresses innovation in Universities with aspirations that are, perhaps, more realistic than many we’ve seen.  They are tethered to the known, which often makes them more likely to be adopted –

e-Advising  (one of my favorites)

Evidence-based pedagogy

The decline of the lone-eagle teaching approach

Optimized class time

Easier educational transitions

Fewer large lecture classes

New frontiers for e-learning

Personalized adaptive learning

Increased competency-based and prior-learning credits

Data-driven instruction

Aggressive pursuit of new revenue

Online and low-residency degrees at flagships

More certificates and badges

Free and open textbooks

Public-private partnerships

Many of these have been implemented in a number of schools already, but will become more and more the norm.