Ripples on G+ – Watching How a Post Becomes Viral

Viral is a strong word, and this volume of activity is not really “viral” but makes it easy to see how it happens.  There is a feature on Google Plus that I often forget about.  It’s called “Ripples,” and when you see a post shared many times, you can see where it went and where it was shared, visually.  I made a post about a new learning platform, and within 24 hours it was shared 300 times with almost 150 comments.  Here’s what that looks like (although it is not really accurate, because this only shows the public shares, and not the ones that people share only among their own circles.)  Fascinating.  This was the best I could capture as there were circles outside the main circle in different countries.   The impact a single post can make – and this was not anything of great consequence – is just amazing.