A University’s Offer of Credit for a MOOC Gets No Takers



We heard about this some time ago, but I think the surprise is that STILL, nobody has asked for the credits or been willing to pay from Colorado World Campus.  The article is in the Chronicle.  Interestingly related, I just got my first email (earlier this weekend) about the Georgia Tech “$7000 CS Masters MOOC” and I wonder what will happen with that one.  In order to take the classes for credit, participants have to take 2 courses at Georgia Tech Online in CS at full price and get a B average or better – and then “petition” to enroll in the for-credit, for-degree program.   You can still take the classes so MOOC status is intact.   Just not for credit.   Must say, that probably means more than $7k for the degree but also, that’s a barrier to entry that wasn’t advertised (not that I noticed, anyway.)  I am so curious to see how many people participate in the degree seeking program.  I have my guess/assumption…..but we will see.