Why Humanities Still Matter In 2013



“The K-12 education community just might be paying too much attention to STEM education.”  So says Ben Stern at TeachThought, and in many ways I agree.  There is so much more to education than career preparation.   “The emphasis on STEM education from the top further reinforces the idea that kids be preparing for a career in engineering.”   I’ve found this to be true as well, and while I am aware of the ongoing need for engineering talent, what happens to the ability to make connections between technical abilities and applications?  I agree that a good portion of our economy will depend on the abilities of coders and those who can make, and build.  But what does that society look like without the infrastructure of our culture, without the arts and humanities that make sense of why we do what we do?   “The study of humanities affects a person’s character, intellect, and judgment.”

I agree.  Article at TeachThought.