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One of the most compelling TEDx talks comes from at this week’s TEDx Women Conference, where you can still tune in.

In this segment, there are three speakers who are this year’s winners of the Google Global Science Fair.  Interestingly, all three are young women – articulate, passionate, and inspiring.  Nor are these your parents’ science fair winners – the subjects and research were carcinogens in grilled chicken, an ovarian cancer breakthrough, and enlightening asthma research.

Grand Prize winner Naomi Shah talked about how her journey went beyond her research, (which was certainly enough), but how she found her passion, and . . .

As a side note and observation, two of the candidates pointed to the numerous rejections (200 ) to their request for lab use from professors, universities, labs – which, although showed their persistence and determination, is a curiously sad commentary on the opportunities for collaboration outside the school doors.  Their research wasn’t exactly paper mache stalactites and stalagmites.

When you hear 13-year old Lauren Hodge, 18-year old  Naomi Shah, and 15-year old Shree Bose share their stories . . . it will make your day.

– C.J.Westerberg

Originally posted 12/7/11


Watch live streaming video from tedxwomen at

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