What Does it Mean to Be a Tech-Savvy Principal? | Connected Principals

For those of you venturing to Philadelphia next week for ISTE11, we hope you will join us on Monday, June 27, at 2:30 PM for a panel session led by Dr. Scott McLeod, where five of our Connected Principals contributors will discuss what it means to be an effective technology leader in education.

Here is Scott???s description of the session from the ISTE Ning:

Most school administrators lack the necessary skills and understanding to be effective leaders in the area of digital technologies. We are in desperate need of individuals who can serve as models for building-level leaders related to technology-oriented school reform. This panel highlights 5 such leaders, who will share their own leadership development and provide practical tips for the administrators in your system.

We will work through a series of questions for the panel, including some or all of the following. Using Twitter, an online survey form, and/or index cards, audience members also will have the ability to submit questions for the principal panelists. We will have a Twitter backchannel and/or a live chat area where the audience can interact around the panel discussion.

There are many questions listed on the Ning that will help guide the discussion, and we hope that you will participate as members of the audience and via the backchannel options, including Twitter. Even if you can???t be there in person, there are many ways to engage in the conversation!

I am very grateful for the opportunity to share what I???ve experienced alongside Patrick, Eric, George, Brian, and Scott. Every member of my PLN has contributed greatly to my learning and it???s quite humbling to be included in this session. We hope to see you there!

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