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Minerva: The Intentional University | Getting Smart

I’ve been fascinated with Minerva since it was an idea.  From the New York Times, “Consider one emerging approach, wherein students hop from campus to campus across continents, earning an undergraduate degree in the process. In these programs, they spend the majority of their college years outside the United States and immerse themselves in diverse […]

Blockchain: Letting students own their credentials 

When we think of blockchain, we usually think of cryptocurrency – or bitcoin.  In fact blockchain is a distributed database, a list of records tracked in order and time stamped called blocks.  Each block links to the previous block.  A peer to peer network with accurate time stamps lets the database manage itself autonomously.   […]

Top down implementation of social learning doesn’t work 

We can’t force people to participate, and we can’t force them to learn.  We can require that they complete learning – check the box exercises.   Social learning needs buy in at all levels, and will happen naturally if people are given spaces and places to share and collaborate.  Jane’s article (link below) says it […]

The Rise of Interconnected Learning

“…how people learn is also becoming more fluid and efficient.”  Yes.   The article below discusses what multi-modal learning looks like – a new definition for blended or hybrid learning.  Learning comes from everywhere, via various modalities, in different spaces and places.  Universities need to embrace this concept because it is happening.  They can adjust […]

Jobs. Learning. “The Forgotten Americans” and The 2016 Election.

How did we get here? Disruptive innovation. We need new focus on adult education.. How did this happen? How many times do we hear this now, and how many answers are we given? I think we are all in collective shock, though we are also reflecting on ways to come together, to make a positive […]

Top 10 Education Technologies that Will Be Dead and Gone in the Next Decade

  When I saw the title of this article, I climbed the ladder of inference…oh, I won’t agree with them.  I was surprised that in most cases I do.  Exceptions to technologies that will be “dead and gone”… Laptops.  They may not look like they do today, but I think there will be some form […]

Is technology killing the art of conversation? 

This is an ongoing conversation, often discussed by Sherry Turkle (“Alone Together”) and others.  Killing the art of conversation?  Or changing how we interact?  There was a recent article posted on Slate about the Exact Date Telephone Conversations Disappeared which discussed the migration to text and when it happened.  In this article, Steve correctly shares the […]